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Privacy Policy

Most sites these days start their privacy policies by telling you how important your privacy and safety is to them. Then, they list all the ways they collect and use your data anyway.

This is a slightly more straightforward privacy page. We don't collect your data. There is no Google Analytics code on this site, nor is there a Facebook pixel or any other social tracking. That means we don't know as much about our audience as we might like, but we think that's an acceptable trade-off to be able to say "Your privacy is important to us", and actually mean it.

We only have one way for you to give us any information about you at all, and that is by signing up for email alerts. If you do give us your email, we will never sell, trade, or lend it to any other person or organization, and you will never receive anything from us except daily alerts about the actions in your state. Political email is broken, and we'd like to think this is us doing our small part to fix it.

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